I’d like to introduce…..Philadelphia’s Newest Dominatrix…..

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I’d like to take this moment to announce Philadelphia’s newest Dominatrix, Lady M. Lady M is a beautiful lifestyle Domme that has chosen to be a part of our Sisterhood. She has observed and taken part in numerous sessions and has advanced very quickly like we knew she would. Right now, we are offering a very generous break in tribute involving Double and Triple Mistress sessions with us and the Apprentice, Lady M. Doubles and Triples are now $150 LESS than the usual amount until she is completely out of training and on her own.Take advantage of this rare opportunity soon as she is almost finished with  her training. And she is the last Lady that I will ever train, so this will be the last Apprentice special rate ever.

New Philadelphia Dominatrix Lady M and Domina Lexx

New Philadelphia Dominatrix Lady M and Domina Lexx


Travels and My girls…..

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Wow, this AND my tech job has kept me unfortunately TOO busy
lately. A lot of my research has been published and it has been
non stop the past six months. Exhilarating, yes.
Draining? Yes, that too.
It is so rewarding to see hard work finally pay off, but DAMN.

I will be traveling much more than I had planned this year with that job.
As most of you all know, I have to turn down the majority
of toys who apply for an audience.
And no, I am not “blowing you off” when I suggest one of my beautiful and talented friends.
I am simply doing you a favor since if I may not be available,
a referral to a stunning Domina (in a wonderfully equipped
studio in a great area of Philadelphia) will be in your best interest indeed.
I’m probably saving you from a lot of bullshit, so watch the whining.
I only play with the most gorgeous and talented. A little more on that later. 😉
I also bought a beautiful new home in the fall and that life change
has been absolutely wonderful. 🙂
It’s fascinating how amazing it feels to reap the rewards
of hard work and sacrifice. Even more so when it pertains to your home life.

It looks like I will be out of Philadelphia for a bit in March.
For the first week I will be in DC for the other job.
Although I will be there for a bit, the only two days that I can see my regulars in DC
is the 7th (late day/evening) and the 8th.
I will be incredibly busy with my engagement there.
Those two days are it. I have very limited time available and
and am nearly booked up from regulars a lone.
I miss my DC toys! It has been way too long since I have been able to see anyone

And…with the beautiful Mistress Reese


Mistress Reese of Philadelphia

Philadelphia Dominatrix and Fetish Vixen: Mistress Reese Dragostea

March 22nd-24th I will be in Boston with fellow Philadelphia Dominatrix and childhood best friend, the gorgeous Mistress Reese Dragostea! We are visiting friends and family while we are up there, so sessions are limited.Precedence is given to regulars and for those who desire double sessions.And as most of you know, the “childhood best friend” statement is not a marketing gimmick. And she is truly a beautiful sight to behold and a force to be reckoned with.When she first began taking sessions over a year ago, I knew she would do incredibly well.She has actually surpassed my staggering high existing expectations which I didn’t think was possible.I’ve known her nearly two decades so, hey the expectations were really, really understandably high. 😉

She is taking Philadelphia by storm.

Philadelphia Mistresses: Domina Lexx and Mistress Reese

And also, that would be a good time for those of you that have been begging for

triples with us and that sexy, glamorous blond Dominatrix, Mistress Isadora

Philadelphia’s stunning blond Dominatrix Mistress Isadora

She is perfection and deviance wrapped in a bundle of psychosexual indulgence. Imagine if  Marilyn Monroe bent you to her wicked will? Classic beauty juxtaposed with kink and such feminine power?  Yeah…. Mistress Isadora is the platinum blonde Goddess of that.She is breathtaking. Her photos do her no justice in illustrating how jaw dropping sexy and beautiful she is.  In all the years that I have been doing this, I can honestly say that my favorite double and triple Mistress sessions have been with Mistress Reese and/or Mistress Isadora.There is something about the bond of really close female friends that really bring a wonderful intensity and unique chemistry to the scene. Triple sessions are even more arduous to set up, as aligning the schedules of four people can get complicated.Especially day time.

Once again Philly boys who can only “sneak out” during the day; early April is your time.
The three of us have a photo shoot coming up.
I can’t wait. 😉

The Blog Archive….

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I will update this profile and the all around aesthetics of this blog in the next week or so when I have time to mess around with my API. That’s right dumb ass;  I’m a ridiculously smart techie too, not just a sexy sadist.

I do promise that I will devote a little more time to this blog.

About two and a half years ago, I started a WordPress for my own personal blog and became consumed.

A week doesn’t go by where I don’t update.

However, I highly doubt most of you who read this have any interests in my research in the infosec industry which is what that blog is mostly based on.

My travels, talks,adventures, projects and research in that area are to me very interesting and much more entertaining than any “Domme” blog.

I will keep this up in the occasional free time when I am privileged to have that.

Regardless, I wanted to post a link to my old blog I had over the years that I gave up for the WordPress world.


But keep this one





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I may have to let go of one of my favorite subs.

he’s in a very vulnerable position and getting way too attached to me emotionally.

This will be rough to take although not the first time.he will be missed.

Hello world!

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Not as fun as my personal WP, but this will be a wild, kinky ride. 😉